Floor Lamps

Just about any of the TABLE LAMP styles seen elsewhere on this site can be enlarged to floor lamp size, or custom sized to your specifications.

Shown on left:
Hexagon Floor lamp. This unique lamp is six-sided, tall, and elegant. The paper shown is an off-white with bark bits embedded in it, and the reeds both frame the outside and are inserted within for a fuller look.

Approx. size 8"x8"x42"

#FL-1a Hexagon Floor Lamp — $500

Shown on right:
Teepe Floor lamp. Inspired by a teepee, or, if you prefer, a pyramid (!) this lamp rests on stilts formed by willow twigs framing the sides, with addional twisty willow inside the lamp made out of a fibrous paper shade.

#FL-1b—— $500

Approx. size 12"x12"x40"

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