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Table Lamps

(on left) Crushed golden-colored leaves from the Nara tree as well as hemp strands embedded in sturdy handmade paper from Thailand gives this table lamp a rich, natural, earthly feel. The corner treatment is a a wispy curly reed called Ting Ting. (It can also be made with the straight ting shown on the right.

#TT8-a  Crushed Gold,  $300

(on right) Branchy Birch Twigs hug the sides of this taller table lamp shown with a golden, flecked paper. It can be made with other papers as well.

#TT-8b  Tall Twiggy,  $300

These table lamps have a 5.5"x5.5" natural cedar base, are 20" to 24"tall, with reed or willow extending the overall height to 36" and come with a 6 ft. cord with an on/off switch, and bulb.

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