Triangle Maple
Wall Sconces

A brick-red maple leaf print with a deep brown background creates a dramatic display on this triangle-shaped wall sconce.Leaf pattern varies; no two alike!
Approx. 17" x 24" x 3". Holds one candelabra bulb, 40 watts max.

(Note: the brick-red prints are not actual leaves;
they are a specially printed paper imported directly from Thailand.)

(on left) #SB-7a — Fire Triangle, $210
(2 or more: $200 each)

Golden-colored real maple leaves and ferns or cedar are framed by willow branches on this handsome wall sconce. The background paper can be white, off-white, golden, green, or color of your choice.
Approx. 17" wide at top of triangle, 3" deep, and 24" overall height. Holds one candelabra bulb, 40 watts max.

(on right) #SB-7b — Maple Leaf Triangle, $225
(2 or more: $215 each)
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