About Ambient Art Lighting

The bulbs used in my lamps are primarily candelabra bases; that is, the bulb is smaller than an ordinary household bulb, yet gives out comparable light using less energy. The wattage ranges from 25 watts to 60 watts. In some cases, 75 watts is possible, depending on the style. Having wall sconces on a dimmer switch is recommended. This way you can adjust the lighting according to the mood desired.

The light emitted from the lamps and sconces is surprisingly bright, especially those made of lighter colored papers, and will be distinctive even during the day. At night, the light from one of these lamps will provide sufficient lighting to navigate around a room. However, take note that these are not reading or work lamps; they are intended for ambient light . They are especially nice in a dark hallway or a neglected part of a room.

The decorative paper on the outside of all light fixtures is laminated on to a sturdy material called styrene, which gives them rigidity and durability. Styrene is the same material used to make lampshades. The paper is sealed to protect it from moisture and most designs are suitable for bathrooms and covered porches and sunrooms. Lamps can be cleaned by using a soft duster or soft, dry cloth.

Ambient Art lamps are constructed out of natural, handmade and direct-from-nature materials — typically wood, plant, and paper products. Only non-toxic oil-based sealants are used to protect wood or enhance the beauty of the grain. All parts used in the construction of the fixtures are UL-approved (sockets, cords, switches, plugs, light bulbs, etc.).

The branches and other plant materials are collected from sources throughout the United States and overseas, like Indonesia. Though somewhat delicate, the plant materials are surprisingly sturdy when properly cared for, and will last over time without deterioration. Willow is traditionally used to make baskets and furniture for it's strength and flexibility; here it is used to enhance the organic feeling of our lamps as well as provide a sturdy framework.

The paper used in the lamps is mostly imported handmade paper from Thailand, Japan, Asia, and Indonesian countries. Native, organic materials are used to make these distinctive papers, and each sheet is a unique "work of art." In some cases, I apply hand-collected leaves, flowers, pods and other plant materials from the Northwest that have been dried and pressed, to the handmade paper, and then sandwich a thinner, protective layer of strong rice paper over the pieces. A matt finish sealer protects the paper and makes it easier to clean.

If you have ANY questions concerning the construction or materials of Ambient Art Lamps, please email me:: brenda@bolteartworks.com

About Custom Ordering

Feel free to participate in the creative process. If you would like me to customize a lamp, I enjoy the opportunity. Several of my designs are the result of customer's requests. It may be as simple as subtituting a paper in an existing style, or asking for different dimensions. I also have other papers available not shown on the site, and can order just about any color or texture you can imagine. Generally, custom orders are an additional $5-$15. Simple changes like using a different paper are no additional charge. Email me what you are looking for.

About My Friend

Artwork knows no bounds. Art ebbs and flows through different mediums, influences, and hands. The Ambient Artworks created by Kate Rose Kilpatrick are stunningly beautiful. Soothing curves and natural materials glow from within, as too did Kate. A gifted artist, an amazingly organized and generous woman, Kate lived, loved, and created on this earth for 53 years. Together we spoke the languages of cancer and art. Working side by side, Kate encouraged me to bring my own artistic visions to the lighting designs she had been perfecting for seven years. I will be forever grateful to have known Kate and the special people who surround her. It takes a village to dance with cancer, but it takes an artist to find beauty along the way.